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January 2016

Announcing the CREATe Festival 2016

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The ‘CREATe Festival 2016’ will take place in London on 23 & 24 June. This will be a showcase of the findings of CREATe’s research programme, and a vehicle to engage with a wider community – in the CREATe spirit!

The Festival will play host to a multitude of public engagement events where delegates will be able to participate in behavioural experiments, a workshop on intellectual property and fashion, an exhibition on art forgery, the award of a hackathon prize, and the launch of CREATe’s very own tartan.

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Leading Creative Industry figures appointed as CREATe Industry Fellows

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industry-fellowsCREATe has appointed its first three Industry Fellows in a scheme established to further develop and deepen connections between CREATe and its industrial partners and stakeholders. Emma Barraclough, Richard Paterson and Jeremy Silver will each work in collaboration with CREATe over a period of several months. CREATE will disseminate their outputs. The call for participation required applicants to submit a short project proposal that involved a reflection on and analysis of a topic of pressing importance or of future significance for the creative economy.

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Event Summary: Concepts and Methods in a Cross Sectoral Frame

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mcrobbieAngela McRobbie, Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London describes a recent event exploring methods and themes in creative industries research.

The Goldsmiths/CREATe event last week (January 13th) titled ‘Concepts and Methods in a Cross-Sectoral Frame’, had the aim of encouraging invited speakers to discuss the methodologies they were working with, with a view to exchanging perspectives on the issues arising, especially those that were especially challenging. A key dynamic for the afternoon was to have one panel present topics relating to quantitative methods, followed by a panel which reflected specifically on themes emerging from CREATe work drawing on qualitative approaches. We also wanted to bring a number of the CREATe researchers together in order to initiate a debate about future directions for the creative industries.

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The Quest for Balance in CJEU Copyright Jurisprudence, as explained by Judge Malenovský

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By Marcella Favale, CREATe Researcher, and Research Fellow, Bournemouth University

logo_curiaOn 15 January, at a conference of ALAI Belgium (Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale), Judge Jiří Malenovský of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) bravely faced a public of copyright scholars, many of whom had extensively raised concerns about decisions of the Court in their academic outputs. Malenovský is the Reporting Judge of a vast majority of copyright cases before the Court (analysed in CREATe’s study “Is there an EU Copyright Jurisprudence: An Empirical Analysis of the Workings of the European Court of Justice”). As far as European Copyright is concerned, he is The Copyright Judge.


This Annual Conference of ALAI Belgium focused on the principle of ‘communication to the public’, whose complexity was not only stated but also demonstrated by the delivered presentations. Crucially, these learned contributions did not hide their disappointment at the scarce enlightenment provided by the EU Court on the concept. Judge Malenovský’s talk, delivered in French, concluded the conference, and in his detailed defence of the Court, he set off to refute these criticisms, by explaining why and how the Court reached its conclusions.

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New CREATe Associated Project Assesses Business Models in Film, Music and e-fiction publishing in China

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Associated project

CREATe, the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy ( – based at the University of Glasgow), is funding an overview project of business models in film, music and e-fiction publishing, in order to enable a comparative perspective between developments in China and the UK.

Project description

Convergence or differentiation in IP protection? A case study of new models for digital film, music and e-fiction production and distribution in China

This project examines the emergence of new models for digital film, music and e-fiction production and distribution in China focusing on the role of internet businesses and platforms in film, music and e-fiction production and distribution. The research started in December 2015 for one year, and is led by Dr Xiaobai Shen (Edinburgh), with Co-Is Prof. Martin Kretschmer (Glasgow) and Prof. Robin Williams (Edinburgh).

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Study examines why people unlawfully file-share

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Making consumers more aware of the effort that goes into producing creative material such as films and music would result in less unlawful file-sharing, according to researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Newcastle University.

The study, funded and published today by CREATe, the UK research centre for copyright, found that social and moral factors do make a difference when people are deciding whether to unlawfully download.

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