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Creative Industries

The creative industries are a source of cultural riches and economic growth. What is their legal secret?

The digital revolution has moved legal questions about copyright, information and competition law to the regulatory centre of the creative industries. For investors, copyright has become a currency; users struggle with rights clearance (or ignore rights altogether); creators seek ever new ways to the market. We hear wildly conflicting claims about the value of intangible assets, about the benefits of open and closed models of innovation to firms and society. Evidence is contested and in short supply.


Project: Creative Industries
8 December 2022

Authors’ Earnings and Contracts

This project involves large-scale, repeat surveys of the contracts and earnings of authors and performers in the UK (50,000 writers…
Project: Creative Industries
7 December 2022

Developing best practice codes for creative audiovisual re-use (H2020)

This project – part of the EU Horizon 2020 funded consortium reCreating Europe: Rethinking digital copyright law for a culturally…
Evidence viz toolProject: Creative Industries
6 December 2022

Copyright Evidence Portal (AHRC PEC)

Evidence synthesis and visualisation project, creating a data-minable catalogue of empirical studies relevant to copyright policy. This is a key…
Project: Creative Industries
22 May 2021

You Can Play: Video Games and User Freedoms (ESRC)

This project examines how player creativity is understood and regulated in the video games and eSports industry.  Copyright law tends…
Project: Creative Industries
22 April 2021

Rights reversion project

Contracts are at the heart of the creation and dissemination of creative works. Agreements concerning authors’ and performers’ rights are…
"my new television set" by brandon king is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0ProjectProject: Creative Industries
12 March 2021

Terms of Trade in the Television Production Sector

This project examines the ‘terms of trade’ in UK broadcasting policy in the context of the emergence of Subscription Video…
ProjectProject: Creative Industries
11 March 2021


OMeBa (Online Media Behaviour Analytics) is a project developed by CREATe in collaboration with the AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre…