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Working Paper Series: Guidelines for Authors


The CREATe Working Paper series publishes new research relating to CREATe’s research priorities in intellectual property law, information law and competition law in the wider context of the creative industries, media regulation and cultural policy. The editors will consider submissions from affiliated researchers as well as unsolicited submissions from authors working in a relevant research area. The steps to publication in the Working Paper series are as follows:


1. CREATe’s Working Paper series seeks to publish key contributions of CREATe’s research programme in an open access format. It is a key benchmark of project scope and quality.

2. Working Papers commonly take two forms: they may be pre-prints of work submitted to and published by academic journals; they may also be works in progress for which no other destination has yet been found. Both are welcomed. Working Papers may also be directly commissioned by CREATe or otherwise solicited.

3. The Working Paper series is edited by the CREATe faculty, with an Editorial Committee consisting of CREATe investigators and researchers. Working Papers are first reviewed by the CREATe Directorate, who determine whether they fall within the scope of the series. Submissions are sent to reviewers with appropriate disciplinary expertise.

4. The review process is swift. The aim is to improve the quality of the work, not to reject it. Often we require that the relevance of a paper to CREATe’s core research questions be more explicitly articulated. The editors reserve the right to reject a submission ab initio, or following revision, if it is not deemed to meet the requisite criteria.

5. Because CREATe sets out in principle to make new work available to its constituencies, the editors are not prescriptive as to the length, style and content of Working Papers. The most fundamental criteria are that they add something new to the field and are based on new research, which may, for instance, include the discovery of new facts or the critical rethinking of existing positions, or indeed a combination of these. It is asked that authors seek to provide the maximum clarity and accessibility possible in their submissions.

6. The editors will accept only a final draft of a Working Paper. Authors should ensure that they are fully satisfied that their papers do not require any grammatical, stylistic, or referencing alterations before they are submitted. If a paper is withdrawn after the editors have read it and a new version submitted, the editors will be unable to consider the second version.

7. Where appropriate, the editors will request that publication of a CREATe working paper be accompanied by a short media brief, translating findings into non-academic, policy relevant language. Guidance for writing a CREATe media summary can be found here.

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