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Working Paper Series Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the CREATe Working Paper series reviews submissions and occasionally commissions papers directly.

CREATe Directorate:
Martin Kretschmer (Director CREATe)
Philip Schlesinger (Deputy Director CREATe)
Lilian Edwards (Deputy Director CREATe, -2018)
Marta Iljadica (Co-Director CREATe, 2019-)
Thomas Margoni (Co-Director CREATe, 2019-)

Managing editor:
Ula Furgał (2020-)

Elena Cooper
Luciana D’Adderio (-2018)
Kris Erickson
Morten Hviid (-2018)
Theo Koutmeridis (-2018)
Derek Mcauley (-2018)
Ealasaid Munro (-2018)
Luis Porangaba (2019-)
Inge Sorenson
Lachlan Urquhart (-2018)
Burkhard Schaefer (-2018)
John Street
Amy Thomas (2019-)
Barbara Townley (-2018)
Ruth Towse

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