Working Paper Series Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the CREATe Working Paper series is headed up by Professor Philip Schlesinger and consists of a group of 15 senior faculty and future research leaders. The editorial board makes selection decisions about CREATe-funded research to feature in the series and evaluates unsolicited submissions for further external review.

      CREATe Directorate:
      Philip Schlesinger (Chair of Editorial Board, Deputy Director CREATe)
      Lilian Edwards (Deputy Director CREATe)
      Martin Kretschmer (Director CREATe)

      Elena Cooper
      Luciana D’Adderio

      Kris Erickson 

      Morten Hviid
      Theo Koutmeridis
      Derek Mcauley
      Ealasaid Munro
      Inge Sorenson

      Lachlan Urquhart
      Burkhard Schaefer

      John Street

      Barbara Townley
      Ruth Towse

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