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Public Domain

Societies need to think hard about their public sphere.

The public domain in the intellectual property field may be understood as works, signs or other subject matter that can be used without rightholder permission: for example because the term is up, or because certain activities are covered by limitations or exceptions. In a wider sense, what is public and what is private has important innovation and societal effects. A better understanding of what makes a functioning cultural and scientific public sphere is critical in the digital environment.


Project: Public Domain
1 December 2023

Evidence on Technological Protection Measures: impact on research, education and preservation

Exceptions to copyright exist in Europe and elsewhere to enable beneficial uses such as research and preservation, however the legal…
Project: Public Domain
22 April 2021

Freedom of panorama: making copyright Law (in)visible

Does copyright allow us to photograph a building? (yes) a loch? (yes) public sculpture? (maybe) a mural? (no). These answers…
Project: Public Domain
22 April 2021

EU copyright law in relation to AI training models

The mining of big data and machine learning require the compilation of corpora (e.g. literary works, public domain material, data)…
Project: Public Domain
22 April 2021

Digitization and intellectual property rights in EU place-making

This project explores digitization strategies, and the circulation of digitized creativity, by public and non-public bodies to promote innovation and…
Logos - Leverhulme and University of GlasgowProject: Public Domain
23 February 2021

Intellectual Property and Criminalisation: An Historical Perspective

Intellectual property (‘IP’) is thought to be the domain of civil rather than criminal law. Recent years, however, have seen…
Project: Public Domain
3 February 2021

This project – part of the EU Horizon 2020 funded consortium reCreating Europe: Rethinking digital copyright law for a culturally…
Public Domain by Davide BonazziProject: Public Domain
2 February 2021

ESRC The value of the public domain project

This knowledge exchange scheme brings together academics (from the disciplines of law, media & communication studies, management and economics), policy…