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Project: Creative Industries

Copyright Evidence Portal (AHRC PEC)

Posted on    by Bartolomeo Meletti
Project: Creative Industries

Copyright Evidence Portal (AHRC PEC)

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Copyright Evidence Portal (AHRC PEC)


Evidence synthesis and visualisation project, creating a data-minable catalogue of empirical studies relevant to copyright policy. This is a key project of CREATe’s workstream on intellectual property, business models, access to finance and content regulation within the AHRC Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre.

Amidst the new challenges emerging from digital change, we need an evidence base to inform the design of new rules so that they can best benefit creators, creative industries and society as a whole. Copyright reform and policy interventions should be based on rigorous evidence rather than myths and anecdotes. The Copyright Evidence Portal is intended to help policy makers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academics and the general public engage with the growing body of empirical work on copyright law.

Designed as a digital resource, the Copyright Evidence Portal will be developed into a global reference point. The Portal includes the Evidence Wiki, Evidence Viz tool and Use Cases.


AHRC Centre of Excellence for Policy & Evidence in the Creative Industries (PEC) (reference: AH/S001298/1) 


Martin Kretschmer
Principal Investigator

Bartolomeo Meletti

Kris Erickson

Amy Thomas
Managing Editor

Peter Bennett




The Copyright Evidence Wiki Round-Up Series – summary posts of new entries to the Copyright Evidence Wiki published 2 – 3 times per year.

Synthesis conference (Oct 2022):

o   2018: November, December

o   2019: January, March, July, October, Annual Round-Up

o   2020: April, June, October, Annual Round-Up

Launch of the Copyright Evidence Portal at BEYOND Conference, 3 December 2020 ‘Text and Data Mining of Copyright Evidence: Visualization R&D and Deep Dive by CREATe’ by Amy Thomas, Martin Kretschmer, Bartolomeo Meletti, Kris Erickson (watch the full event here)

Presentation of the Evidence Portal beta version at the Creative Commons Virtual Summit, 20 October 2020 ‘The Copyright Evidence Wiki: using evidence to inform policy’ by Amy Thomas, Martin Kretschmer, Bartolomeo Meletti, Kris Erickson

CREATe public lecture, 25 November 2020 ‘Improving Deliberation, Improving Copyright: Reflecting on the Public Voice in Copyright Consultations’ by Lee Edwards (LSE) and Giles Moss (University of Leeds) with respondents Ian Hargreaves (Cardiff University), Aline Iramina (on secondment from Fed Gov of Brazil), Martin Senftleben (IViR, University of Amsterdam)