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Posted on    by Bartolomeo Meletti
ProjectProject: Creative Industries


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OMeBa (Online Media Behaviour Analytics) is a project developed by CREATe in collaboration with the AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC) and the UK Intellectual Property Office. The project consolidates a large dataset on online consumer behaviour in order to explore the challenges of unlocking the value of survey based studies.  A pilot data tool demonstrates how industry and policy users could derive value from interrogating the survey data directly. It is possible to analyse how online consumer behaviour has evolved year by year since 2013.

The underlying dataset is the result of repeated surveys on copyright infringement, online access and consumption behaviour in the UK, commissioned by Ofcom and the Intellectual Property Office and delivered by Kantar Media (until 2018) and AudienceNet (2019-) as part of a continuing tracking study. The first eight waves surveyed 4,000+ individuals, representative of the UK population (age 12 and above), using a hybrid online and face-to-face survey methodology (520+ different questions with 5,000+ data points). The online copyright infringement (OCI) tracker survey explores online behaviour in relation to six main types of online content: music, film, TV programmes, books, video games and computer software.




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