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CREATe March 2015 Suite of Events

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In March 2015, CREATe is organizing a suite of events ranging from a seminar on creativity, creative industry business models to copyright history. This resource page provides details on the events, the speakers, as well as, how to book spaces. For general enquiries, email contact@create.ac.uk

1) Seminar: From Intellectual Property to Cultural Property: Radicalizing Cultural Heritage?
2) Seminar: Elemental table of Business Models and the BusinessModel Zoo ™ of examples
3) Public Lecture: Innovation and Intellectual Property: Experiments on Creativity
4) CREATe Open Afternoon: Posters Exhibitions, PhD Presentations, meeting the CREATe team, LLM IP society & more
5) Public Lecture: Copyright at Common Law in 1774
6) Roundtable: What is the point of Copyright History?
7) Re-launch of Digital Archive: Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900) www.copyrighthistory.org

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