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Project: Competition & Markets

Platform regulation I (AHRC PEC)

Posted on    by Bartolomeo Meletti

Platform regulation I (AHRC PEC)


Objectives: To map global trends, develop an analytical frame that allows assessment of implications for creative industries, and engage UK agencies in new approaches.  

Regulatory concern about internet platforms is directly related to the production, circulation and consumption of creative content. Some derives from public unease about how content might harm individuals and groups. There is also growing concern about the impact of surveillance, untrammelled control over data by third parties, and loss of individual privacy prominently discussed by Zuboff (2019). This includes worries about cross-border interference in democratic process and the flow of disinformation in the guise of news. Platforms and the content they distribute have also become central to the crisis of democratic institutions in the context of current geopolitical competition. The development of different models of regulation has become a key policy issue. Earlier debates about totalitarianism and democracy are being revisited on new ground.  

The first phase of the project provides an empirical mapping of the UK regulatory landscape. It examines the statutory basis and duties of key UK regulators and looks ahead to potential new responsibilities. We anticipate that following the mapping exercise and initial agency dialogue, specific further sub-projects will crystallise.


AHRC Centre of Excellence for Policy & Evidence in the Creative Industries (PEC)  (reference: AH/S001298/1)


Martin Kretschmer
Principal Investigator

Philip Schlesinger

Ula Furgal
Postdoctoral Research Associate




Platform Regulation resources page provides a gateway to the project and its findings.



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