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CREATe “All Hands” Conference, Glasgow, September 15 – 16th, 2014

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CREATe “All Hands” Conference, Glasgow, September 15 – 16th, 2014

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hfaal-extCREATe’s first All Hands meeting took place in Glasgow on September 15th and 16th 2014. The venue was the Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed House for An Art Lover. The event, principally aimed at CREATe consortium members and associated projects, provided an opportunity to internally showcase our collective efforts, with some invited external inputs and perspectives. It proved to be enlightening, interesting, and fun.

For twitter users, the event’s hashtag was #CAH2014.

Conference Content

Poster Exhibition

A big part of the event was a poster exhibition; almost every CREATe project and associated project produced one, and prizes were awarded to the two best entries agreed by CREATe’s Programme Advisory Council. The winning posters were Work Package 1E (Copyright and Games) and WP 3D.2
Assessing the IP Small Claims Track)
. To view all the posters and provide your own comments and questions please see our online exhibition.

Conference Blogs

Below you will find a series of blogs documenting the conference sessions and the general experience for those who participated.

Full Programme

Day 1: Monday 15th September
09.30 Management Committee meets Programme Advisory Council meets (until 10.30) Poster Exhibition Opens with tea, coffee and refreshments)
(10.30) Sectoral Working Group (Games) meets
11.00 Coffee
11.15 Governance Board meets (to 12.45)
12.30 Lunch for all
13.15 Welcome – Lilian Edwards and Martin Kretschmer
13.30 Opening Keynote: Bill Thompson, BBC etc, “The Future of Creativity”
14.15 CREATe Results: Books, Publishing, Archives and Libraries | Chair: Ben Pester
CREATe Presenters:

  • Sarah Kember: Publishing
  • Estelle Derclaye: Open Access Publishing
  • Liz Dowthwaite: Web Comics
  • Victoria Stobo: Copyright, Archives and Libraries
  • Christian Geib: Data Mining

Followed by Respondents including:

  • Ken McLeod, Author
  • Darryl Mead, National Library of Scotland
  • John Watson, Edinburgh University Press
15.45 Coffee
16.00 CREATe Results: Music | Chair: John Street
CREATe Presenters

  • Daniel Zizzo: Unlawful File Sharing
  • Keith Negus: Politics of Copying in Popular Music Culture
  • Kenny Barr: Music Copyright in the Digital Age
  • Ruth Towse: Copyright and business models in music publishing: an historical analysis

Followed by Respondents including:

  • Georg von Graevenitz, Queen Mary University of London
  • Scott McMaster, Musician (Kid Canaveral) and University of Glasgow
17.30 Close (bus pickup to conference hotel)
19.00 Drinks and Dinner Reception in Arta, City Centre
Day 2: Tuesday 16th September
09.00 Coffee
09.30 CREATe Results: Games, Audio-Visual and the Digital World | Chair: Robin Williams
CREATe Presenters:

  • Tom Phillips: Games
  • Kris Erickson: Kickstarter Public Domain Project
  • Richard Mortier: Open Platform
  • Bartolomeo Meletti: Copyright User Portal
  • Daithi Mac Sithigh: Human Rights Online
  • Edina Harbinja: Digital Assets After Death

Followed by Respondents including:

  • Brian Baglow, Scottish Games Network
  • Jane Cornwell, University of Edinburgh
  • Jim Killock, Open Rights Group
11.15 CREATe Results: Analogue Industries, Sport and Events | Chair: Barbara Townley
CREATe Presenters:

  • Angela McRobbie: Fashion
  • Steve Benford: Aestheticodes/guitars & marathons
  • Megan Rae Blakely: Celtic-derived Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property
  • Raymond Boyle: Sports Rights
  • Barbara Townley / Henning Berthold: Managing IP and Creative SMEs

Followed by Respondents including:

  • Nicola Searle, Intellectual Property Office
  • Wendy Grossman, Journalist
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Theme Tables (Group Exercise)
14.15 Rump Plenary Session (incorporating reporting back from group exercise) | Chair: Lilian Edwards
“5 New Things for CREATe to Think About”

  • 3D Printing: Dinusha Mendis, Bournemouth University
  • Crowd-funding: Inge Ejbye Sorensen, University of Glasgow
  • Open Knowledge: Andres Guadamuz, University of Sussex
  • Context and Bias: An economist’s perspective: Sayantan Ghosal, University of Glasgow
  • Outputs – Graphic Novels: Hope London
15.45 Coffee
16.00 Where have we been and what next? | Chair: Martin Kretschmer

See CREATe All Hands: Where have we been and what next? by Kris Erickson

  • Dominic Young, The Copyright Hub and the Creative Industries
  • Kieron O’Hara, Big Data Mining, Ethics and the Social Sciences
  • Joe Karaganis, Copyright Myths and a Remedy
  • Jeanette Hofmann, The Politics of Evidence
  • Philip Schlesinger, The Public Intellectual
17.30 Close (bus to conference hotel/city centre)