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CREATe believes that successful copyright reform must be based first of all on incentivising innovation from SMEs and individual creators, as the true incubators of change and growth. Business models must take into account how consumers and users actually use, acquire and appropriate cultural products in the digital era, and find ways to maximise profits, growth and cultural production by acknowledging these realities. In our view, technology is not part of the problem but part of the solution. Our research programme will help creative industries within the UK become pioneers in the post web 2.0 digital era, producing not just economic growth but creative opportunities for citizens and consumers in an age where cultural production should be limited only by time and imagination.

CREATe’s research programme is delivered across seven interrelated themes.

Our online poster exhibition showcases most of our projects.

CREATe Work Packages

The full CREATE Work Packages document can be downloaded from here.

Associated Project (CREATe Fellows)

Associated Projects are projects that potentially make a transformative contribution to CREATe’s central themes. They have been adopted under a formal procedure. Investigators and researchers on these projects have full access to CREATe’s activities and events. Further details are here.