CREATe Centre

The CREATe Centre is a physical central resource and hub which manages and supports the activities of the CREATe network. Hosted by the School of Law (University of Glasgow), the Centre enjoys accommodation in a historical building in The Square, just off University Avenue in Glasgow. Details on how to visit or get in touch with the CREATe Centre are available on our contacts page.

Martin Kretschmer
CREATe Director
Professor of Intellectual Property Law
Philip Schlesinger
Professor of Cultural Theory (CCPR)
CREATe Deputy Director
Marta Iljadica
CREATe Co-Director
Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law

Thomas Margoni
CREATe Co-Director
Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property and Internet Law
Luis Porangaba
Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law
Director of LLM IP in the Digital Economy

Elena Cooper
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Kenneth Barr
Postdoctoral Researcher
AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC)
Ula Furgal
Postdoctoral researcher
AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC)
Bartolomeo Meletti
Creative Director,
Copyright Education Fellow (British Film Institute)
Amy Thomas
Research and Teaching Associate
Copyright Wiki Sub-Editor
Peter Bennett
CREATe Digital Resources Officer
Diane McGrattan
CREATe Centre Administrator
Kerry Patterson
CREATe Community Manager
Sheona Burrow
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Part time)
Kris Erickson
Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow (2013-16), CREATe Lecturer in IP and Innovation, and Director of CREATe Postgraduate Research Development [since November 2017 Associate Professor in Media and Communication at the University of Leeds and CREATe Fellow]
Joy Davidson
CREATe Centre Manager [Seconded as Senior University Archivist]

Sukhpreet Singh
Senior Lecturer and CREATe Programme Leader [since December 2018: Consultant at Five Rivers Consulting and CREATe Fellow]

CREATe Associates

Ian Anderson
Senior Lecturer (Information Studies)
Theo Koutmeridis
Lecturer in Economics (Adam Smith Business School)
[Formerly CREATe research fellow in economics and lead editor of the Copyright Evidence Wiki from 2015-2017]
Pauline McBride
Honorary Teaching Fellow (School of Law)
Inge Sorenson
Lecturer in Digital Economy and Culture (Theatre, Film and Television Studies)
Florence Thepot
Lecturer in Competition and European Union Law (School of Law)

Former CREATe Team Members

Megan Blakely
Research Assistant and PhD student until 2017
Lecturer in Law at Lancaster University
Prof Ronan Deazley
Founding director of CREATe (2012)
Since 2015 at School of Law, Queen's University, Belfast

Lilian Edwards
CREATe Deputy Director (2012-2018)
Professor of Internet Law (University of Strathclyde) [since January 2019: Professor of Law, Innovation and Society at Newcastle University]
Ally Farnhill
Graduate Teaching Assistant (& PhD candidate)
CopyrightX:Glasgow Assistant Teaching Fellow
Andrew McHugh
Centre Manager
Since 2016 Senior IT and Data Services Manager at the Urban Big Data Centre
Jesus Rodriguez Perez
CREATe Data Specialist
Since 2017 Research Associate at the Institute of Health & Wellbeing
Victoria Stobo
Research Assistant - EnDOW Project and PhD student, CREATe Honorary Research Fellow 2018
Lecturer at University of Liverpool
Andrea Wallace
Research Assistant and PhD student until 2018
Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter

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