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Welcome to CREATe’s Postgraduate Researcher Community page! To sustain CREATe and ensure its legacy we have committed a great deal of resource and energy to our postgraduate programmes, in order to ensure that the next generation of researchers are equipped to tackle the challenges of research within the digital creative economy. This implies breadth of methodological competencies, high levels of data and technology literacy, acute appreciation of the wide range of business and economic models involved and, for CREATe researchers to be as comfortable liaising with industry and policy partners as with their academic peers. We embrace our own diversity as one of the consortium’s key strengths, and as a tool to facilitate the development of this new generation of skills and competencies.

Current PGRs

Janet Burgess (PhD)
Andreas Giorgallis (PhD)
Aline Iramina (PhD)
Seher Kurt (PhD
Zihao Ll (PhD)
Jie Liu (PhD)
Bartolomeo Meletti (PhD)
Methinee Suwannakit (PhD)
Amy Thomas (PhD)
Rosie Wilson (LLM by Research)
Jiarong Zhang (PhD)
 YingYing Zhu (PhD)
Wenyu Zhou (PhD)

CREATe PhD Alumni

Postgraduate Researchers across the CREATe consortium