CREATe Fellows

CREATe Fellows are honorary positions. Their initial contribution was to extend CREATe’s capacity in the fields of Cultural and Innovation Economics. Kris Erickson was the director of CREATe’s postgraduate research development programme (2013-2017).

Dr Kris Erickson
School of Media and Communications

Assoc Prof Rebecca Giblin
School of Law

Prof Graham Greenleaf
School of Law

Dr Georg von Graevenitz
School of Business and Management

Prof Paul Heald
College of Law

Dr Joost Poort
University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law

Prof Ruth Towse
Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM)

Associated Projects

Associated Projects are projects that potentially make a transformative contribution to CREATe’s central themes. They have been adopted under a formal procedure. Investigators and researchers on these projects have full access to CREATe’s activities, events and devolved funding. Further details are here.