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CCPR-CREATe Tambini Lecture ‘Media Freedom’

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CCPR-CREATe Tambini Lecture ‘Media Freedom’

By 8 March 2022January 3rd, 2024No Comments

We are delighted to announce Dr Damian Tambini, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science will be visiting the University to give the CCPRCREATe Lecture entitled ‘Media Freedom’.

The talk will be chaired by Professor Philip Schlesinger.

Date and Time: Tuesday 8 March 2022 13:00-14:30

This will be a hybrid event open to all and will take place in person in the (appropriately dramatic) Lecture Theatre (B419) of the Joseph Black (Chemistry) Building, University of Glasgow (campus map) and also online via Zoom.

Please register your interest in attending (in person or online) with Diane McGrattan (


Media Freedom and the Regulation of Big Tech

Dr Damian Tambini, London School of Economics and Political Science

Online hate, fakery and incitement have led to a new international movement for platform regulation. But legislation to regulate online speech currently being considered in the UK and the EU is criticised for undermining freedom of speech and media freedom. This lecture examines the emergence of these ideas of speech, press and media freedom. It describes some of the key moments in the historical emergence of the law and policy of media freedom, focusing on the UK and the US, arguing that the ‘negative rights’ approach that prevailed under the first amendment to the US constitution, and which became the default position of US based social media platforms, is no longer tenable. Drawing on established doctrines, Damian Tambini outlines a normative framework for the legitimation of media regulation in complex democracies. The implications of the contrast between this approach and the emerging international human rights approaches under UN General Comment 34 and Council of Europe standards are discussed, and some new standards for open, legitimate speech regulation outlined.