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Statutory licensing, copyright exchange and other interesting copyright things from Korea!

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Statutory licensing, copyright exchange and other interesting copyright things from Korea!

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Korea Copyright Commission LogoDelegates from the Korea Copyright Commission (KCC) led by Mr. Dae-Oh Kang, Director of the Copyright Deliberation & Research Team, visited CREATe on Wednesday 21 October 2015 to share creative industry research and policy initiatives from Korea and to explore current copyright concerns in the Western world. Potentially forming into an annual information exchange symposium, this was KCC’s second visit to CREATe, the first having taken place in 2014.

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From left to right: Andrew McHugh, Sukhpreet Singh, Dae-Oh Kang (KCC), Martin Kretschmer, Ja-Young Yun (KCC), Kerry Patterson, Kris Erickson, Andrea Wallace.

The Korean delegation showed a marked interest in current CREATe work including initiatives such as ‘the value of public domain works‘, ‘the Copyright Evidence wiki‘, and ‘’. This included an offer of submitting Korean studies in the future for the Copyright Evidence wiki as well as publicizing the outreach and education work of ‘‘ in Korea. The visitors showcased some particularly enthusing copyright initiatives currently being spearheaded by KCC, including the Korean statutory licensing system for cultural goods as well as KCC’s push to act as a copyright exchange mechanism, encouraging copyright works to enter into a public domain or a shared economy.

An interesting piece of information disseminated was how the Korean government has a stated goal to have more than 10 million pieces of shared copyright works by 2017! This in turn is expected to allow cost savings to the tune of 3.6 trillion won (approx 2.5 bn gbp) by bringing down the cost of production (mainly licensing costs) of cultural goods and thereby giving a fillip to innovation and creativity.

Seems like there is much to learn from Korea!


11:00 Welcome note & CREATe Research Context [Prof. Martin Kretschmer, Director of CREATe]

11:15 Introduction to Korea Copyright Commission’s Strategic Priorities and Ongoing Activities [Mr. DAE-OH KANG, Director, Copyright Deliberation & Research Team, KCC]

11:40 CREATe Research Programme – The journey from research to societal impact [Dr Sukhpreet Singh, Research Development Manager of CREATe]

12:00 Presentation by CREATe researchers [Dr Kris Erickson (Value of Public Domain), Mr. Andrew McHugh (Copyright Evidence Wiki), Ms. Kerry Patterson (Digitizing Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks), Ms. Andrea Wallace (Surrogate IP Rights and Cultural Institutions)

13:00 Key Issues facing Copyright Industries in Korea [Ms. JA-YOUNG YUN, Researcher, Copyright Deliberation & Research Team, KCC]


Download Presentation (KCC Strategic Priorities)

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Download Presentation (IP Trends in Korea)

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