CREATe at the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament logoCREATe researchers were invited to the Scottish Parliament on 18 March to showcase cutting edge social science research in the ‘Social Science Making a Difference’ event. Supported by the Scottish Parliament and ESRC, and organized by the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the event brought together more than 100 attendees from various organizations and stakeholders working with and benefiting from social science research and academic researchers from the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

CREATe @ Scottish ParliamentThe specialist research centres and projects selected to present their work on this occasion shared with attendees their latest social science research findings which address key societal challenges of the day, showcased the solutions they have developed through interactive multimedia resources and appraised them of key upcoming events.

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Understanding UK Copyright Law: An Interactive Workshop for Music Writers and Composers

Post by Bartolomeo Meletti, Lead Producer of (a co-production between CREATe, University of Glasgow and Bournemouth University)

19 march panelOn Thursday 19th March 2015, the Digital Catapult Centre hosted the second in the series of workshops entitled ‘Understanding UK Copyright Law’, a joint initiative of the Digital Catapult, CREATe,, and the Copyright Hub. The purpose of these workshops is to provide useful guidance about copyright to different sectoral groups of the creative industries, starting from the questions and concerns that these groups have. The first workshop of the series was held at the Digital Catapult Centre on 3rd December 2014, and was addressed to photographers and illustrators. On 19th March, the focus was on the music sector and the event attracted more than 40 attendees from London and across the UK, consisting mainly of songwriters, composers, and music producers.

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Cultural intermediaries and how artists get heard

Post by Dr George Musgrave (University of East Anglia) based on a presentation at a CREATe capacity building event hosted by the Centre for Competition Policy & University of East Anglia, Norwich

George Musgrave UEAHow do musicians get their work heard, and what role do those actors whom Bourdieu first labelled ‘cultural intermediaries’ – that is, middle-men who occupy that conceptual space between production and consumption, and are entrusted with “presentation and representation” – play in that quest?

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Award Winning CREATe Working Paper Now Available – Animals, AI and Authorship in Law

SWe are pleased to announce the release of CREATe’s latest Working Paper, the twenty-eighth release in the seriesMonkeying Around with Copyright – Animals, AIs and Authorship in Law by David Komuves, Jesus Niebla Zatarain, Burkhard Schafer and Laurence Diver considers how advances in artificial intelligence have changed the ways in which computers create “original” work. It reflects on how analogies that may have worked sufficiently well in the past, when the technology had few if any commercially viable applications, are now reaching the limit of their usefulness. It presents a radical thought experiment in relation to computer generated art, challenging the legal responses to computer generated works and discussing their similarity to works by animals.

SThe paper was originally presented at the Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion (IRIS), held in Salzburg between the 26th and 28th February. There it had the distinction of winning third place in the LexisNexis best paper award. For CREATe, and co-author Professor Burkhard Schafer, this offers a pleasing symmetry. Schafer’s first CREATe Working Paper, “CCTV sniffing”: Copyright and Data Protection Implicationsis a modified version of a paper that won the same award when the conference was held in 2013. On that occasion Schafer’s co-authors were fellow CREATe investigators Smita Kheria, Daithi Mac Sithigh and Judith Rauhofer. Fast forward two years and his prize winning co-authors are a CREATe research assistant and two CREATe PhD students, a fact that demonstrates the success of CREATe’s capacity building efforts. A suitably delighted Schafer said “for a group of researchers this young to get nominated for this prestigious award is testimony of the quality of our postgraduate students and the excellent support they get in Edinburgh to make the transition to academic careers”.

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Professor Chris Buccafusco Public Lecture: Experiments on Creativity

Buccafusco_001On Tuesday 10 March, visiting scholar Christopher Buccafusco (IIT Chicago-Kent) delivered a public lecture as part of CREATe’s March line-up of events. His highly stimulating and compelling presentation took place in the suitably arranged Humanities Lecture Theatre at the University of Glasgow. The audience included colleagues from across law, business, management, economics, art history, as well as IP students from the Law School’s LLM programme.

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CREATe co-supports a Digital Catapult event on ‘Understanding UK Copyright Law’ for Music in the Digital Age.

CREATe is co-supporting an interactive workshop organized by the Digital Catapult that aims to generate points of discussion and provide reliable guidance about the rules governing the production, exploitation and consumption of music in the digital age. It will also be an opportunity for the organisers to better understand what songwriters and composers specifically need to know about copyright.

Understanding UK Copyright Law: An Interactive Workshop for Music Writers and Composers/ London / March 19 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

To book a space and for the most up to date information, please visit the Digital Catapult workshop link.

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CREATe March 2015 Suite of Events

In March 2015, CREATe is organizing a suite of events ranging from seminars on creativity, innovation, creative industry business models to copyright history. This resource page provides details on the events, the speakers, as well as, how to book spaces. For general enquiries, email us.

Download the events poster (pdf).

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CREATe Research in Press: “Inside the mind of a makar”

Edwin-Morgan-in-Sunday-Herald-25pcCREATe’s project ‘Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks‘, was exclusively featured in The Sunday Herald on Sunday 15th February. In a full page article, journalist Judith Duffy explores some of the challenges and aims of the project, with quotes from the project officer Kerry Patterson and Prof. Martin Kretschmer, one of the joint investigators of the project.

Click on the image on the right to read on the Herald Scotland website.


The project was also reported in The Times on Monday 16th February, using quotes from the Sunday Herald article. The Times article focuses on making the scrapbooks available for the first time. However, it does not acknowledge that a key aim of the project is evidence-based engagement with EU and UK copyright law, specifically aspects of the orphan works legislation and diligent search requirements.

Click on the image on the left to read on The Times website.


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Why Unlawful Downloading?

Post by CREATe researchers Piers Fleming (University of East Anglia) and Daniel John Zizzo (Newcastle University) based on a presentation at a CREATe capacity building event hosted by the Centre for Competition Policy & University of East Anglia, Norwich

zizzo in norwichThe simple answer to the question of why people may engage in unlawful downloading is that it is free. Undoubtedly there may be legal risks involved but the evidence as emerging from our previous scoping review (Watson, Zizzo & Fleming, 2014) is sufficiently unclear, that the choice to engage in unlawful downloading is not as straightforward as it may seem. This is because the existing evidence base is patchy and is particularly problematic in determining causality.

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What we should teach students about copyright


A new suite of online learning materials has been launched today to help students and the general public understand how copyright law works.

The resource aims to help A-Level media students in the UK study for their exams while educating the wider public about what can and cannot be done with copyright works.

In October 2014, former Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister, MP Mike Weatherly issued a report strongly urging government to find innovative ways ‘to prepare pupils […] for the 21st century knowledge economy’.[i]

A team of legal researchers from the University of Glasgow CREATe Centre and the University of Bournemouth Centre for Intellectual Property and Policy Management (CIPPM) and Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP) have united to answer Weatherly’s call, while broadening the meaning of ‘copyright education’ to include uptake and re-use of artistic works. The resource is supported by funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

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