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Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks

About this project
Ronan Deazley

Kristofer Erickson

Sarah Hepworth

Kerry Patterson

Jesus Rodriguez Perez

Peter Bennett

Lead investigator(s):
Prof Ronan Deazley
Dr Kristofer Erickson
Ms Sarah Hepworth
Ms Kerry Patterson
Mr Jesus Rodriguez Perez
– Mr Peter Bennett

Start Date: 1st October 2014
End Date: 30th June 2016


This project explored the limits (and costs) of EU and UK copyright policy as it impacts the digitisation of unique and distinctive artistic collections. The researchers adopted a case study approach and perform a rights clearance simulation on the Edwin Morgan scrapbooks, a culturally significant mixed-media collection of unpublished artistic works from the early to mid-20th Century. The rights clearance exercise enabled the researchers to develop propositions about the appropriate policy response to the digitisation of archive materials. Specifically: what criteria should inform standards of diligent search that meet the needs of all stakeholders?

Web Project Resource including project research, interactive Scrapbook sample and downloadable copyright guidance:

Resource page including links to blog posts:

Project outputs include:

  • Introducing Digitising the Edwin Morgan ScrapbooksThis blog summarises research exploring the extent to which EU and UK copyright policy impacts the digitisation of unique and distinctive artistic collections, such as the Morgan scrapbooks, as well as the costs associated with rights clearance.
  • Copyright and Orphan Works, Digital Catapult, London, 29th September 2015 to 29th September 2015
  • Selection is Creation: The Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks, Material Culture in Action: Practices of making, collecting and re-enacting art and design, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, 7th September 2015
  • Copyright and Creation: Digitising Edwin Morgan’s Scrapbooks – part of the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII) Research Seminar series, November 2016.
  • Edwin Morgan Online Resource Launch Event
  • Edwin Morgan Online Resource – incorporating a digital edition of the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks, guidance to assist archivists and librarians in assessing and addressing the copyright implications of mass digitisation initiatives, an interactive visualisation of the comparative treatment of orphan works within the cultural heritage sector under EU and UK copyright law, and the proceedings of the resource launch event.