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Project: Digital Technologies & Humanism

Digital Storytelling

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Project: Digital Technologies & Humanism

Digital Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling

Project Overview

Cultural sites and museums can be highly emotional places and, regardless of age, location, or state of preservation, are seedbeds not just of knowledge, but of emotional resonance and human connection. This project examines how digital storytelling and participatory approaches can be used to encourage in-depth engagement with cultural heritage collections. It explores how co-designing and evaluating collections interpretation with diverse users and stakeholders can support emotional connection and critical reflection. It argues that these approaches can transform museum visitor experiences, facilitate interactions with other visitors, non-visitors, and staff, and widen the typical visitor profile. The research investigates both onsite and online engagement, which has been pushed to the fore during the pandemic while physical access to collections and sites has been curtailed, forcing us to re-define traditional museum visiting models. The study will draw a set of recommendations for effective digital interpretation for both researchers and cultural heritage practitioners.

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Team lead

Team members


British Academy/Wolfson Foundation Professorial Fellowship (2022-25)

Museum Galleries Scotland IDEA project (2021-23)

H2020 Research and Innovation (EMOTIVE project Storytelling for Cultural Heritage – 2016-19 grant agreement 727188)