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Delegation from Korea Copyright Commission visits CREATe

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Delegation from Korea Copyright Commission visits CREATe

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Korea Copyright Commission LogoA high level delegation led by the Director of Industrial Research Policy from the Korea Copyright Commission (KCC) visited CREATe, University of Glasgow, on Thursday 23 October 2014.

The purpose of this visit was to explore CREATe’s approach to economic research on copyright law (an area the KCC is keen to develop) and evolve an approach to sharing policy relevant information on copyright between Asia and Europe.

photo 1

Professor Iain MacNeil (centre) welcoming Ms. Lee and Ms. Yoo on behalf of the School of Law (University of Glasgow).

The CREATe team presented to the Korean delegation a number of exemplar research projects, regarding ‘value of public domain works’, ‘copyright small claims court’, ‘copyright and archives’, ‘changing returns to piracy’ and ‘building better business models’. The delegates were particularly interested in CREATe’s approach to managing large scale interdisciplinary research.


The Korean delegation being given a tour of the University of Glasgow by Professor Martin Kretschmer.


Ms. Yong Jeong Lee, Director of the Industrial Research Team, said, “CREATe has a unique approach, and is widely seen as a pioneer in empirical research in the area of digital copyright. We were very honoured to be CREATe’s guests.”

Martin's visit to Korea

Prof. Martin Kretschmer (Director, CREATe) at the Seoul Copyright Forum 2014, flanked by international delegates and government functionaries of the Ministry for Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Copyright Commission.

This visit came soon after an invited keynote on copyright law reform in Europe by Prof. Martin Kretschmer, Director of CREATe, on 8 October at the ‘Seoul Copyright Forum 2014’, hosted by the Ministry for Culture, Sports and Tourism, and organised by the Korea Copyright Commission. Other speakers included Michele Woods, Director of the Copyright Law Division at WIPO, Kevin R. Amer, Counsel for Policy and International Affairs at the U.S. Copyright Office, Prof. Masabumi Suzuki, Nagoya University, Japan and Prof. Ping Zhang, Peking University, Beijing, China. See press release on the KCC website here.