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Forthcoming Event – 3D Printing: A Selection of Stakeholder Perspectives

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Forthcoming Event – 3D Printing: A Selection of Stakeholder Perspectives

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When: Friday 7th November, 2014
Where: Bournemouth University’s Executive Business Centre

There has been much written on the latest developments relating to additive manufacturing or 3D printing as it is more commonly known. The recent rise of low-cost consumer 3D printers have also made the headlines and raised interesting and complex questions.

However, there is limited literature and debate on the implications of 3D printing surrounding intellectual property law, economics, policy, society and technology.

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To understand these various implications, this event, co-sponsored by the ESRC and UKIPO and hosted by Dr. Dinusha Mendis Co-Director CIPPM, will bring together industry experts, social scientists, policy makers, lawyers, economists and manufacturers of 3D printing and as such will go beyond the developments in 3D printing in order to understand the implications for various stakeholders.

The event will also provide the platform for a discussion and peer-review of the UKIPO Commissioned Report on the Intellectual Property Implications of 3D printing carried out by researchers at Bournemouth University and Econolyst.

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This multi-disciplinary event will be complemented by an exhibition of 3D printing facilities provided by one of the world’s largest 3D printing open-source companies, Ultimaker (Winner of Best Consumer Product and Best Consumer Software at the 2014 3D Print Show Global Awards). 3D printers at Bournemouth University will also be showcased thereby providing an opportunity to see 3D printers at work.

Confirmed Speakers include: Phil Reeves, Sophie Jones (Econolyst), Chris Thorpe (Jaggaree), Michael Weinberg (Public Knowledge), Marian Lillington (UK Intellectual Property Office), Joe Wee (Things3D), Turlif Vanderbilt, Cherie Stamm (Uformia), Paul Croft (Ultimaker), Chris Dryden (Fuel 3D), Andrew Dent (Faberdashery), Thierry Rayna (Novancia Business School, Paris), Ludmila Striukova (University College London), Tim Minshall, Simon Ford (Cambridge University), Davide Secchi, Dinusha Mendis (Bournemouth University).

The event is free to attend and those with a research interest in 3D printing are welcome to engage in debate on the challenges and opportunities facing this latest emerging technology.

To register for the event, please follow this link to the Eventbrite registration page.  For any queries, please contact Dr. Dinusha Mendis