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CREATe@10 Policy Futures Series: Platforming Journalism

Posted on    by Ula Furgal

CREATe@10 Policy Futures Series: Platforming Journalism

By 17 May 2023November 17th, 2023No Comments

We are happy to announce the third event in the CREATe Policy Future series marking the 10th anniversary year of CREATe: ‘Platforming Journalism’. The event, which will take place on 17 May 2023 in the Advanced Research Centre, will provide a space for an interdisciplinary discussion on media and online journalism.

The contentious relationship between journalism and online platforms is being renegotiated in multiple jurisdictions, from Australia to the EU, and across diverse areas of law, from copyright to media regulation. The experience of journalists often flies under the radar. In this event we will bring together practitioners and researchers, to explore how journalists in the broadest sense navigate the changing landscape of interactions between platforms and publishers. Along the economic dimension, this involves interrogating the effects on journalists of new settlements between publishers and platforms, as well as the challenges of individual entrepreneurship across emerging platforms and formats, from newsletters, to podcasts, and short video. Along the expressive dimension, it highlights contradictory expectations of journalists’ online engagement, being outspoken yet impartial, in an often-hostile environment.

The event will be composed of two roundtable discussions.

Following the morning coffee and a short welcome (9am), the first roundtable (9:30- 11:00am) will concern a new economic settlement for journalism, addressing the proliferation of news bargaining regimes and the political economy of platforms’ news initiatives. The discussion moderated by Ula Furgał (CREATe, University of Glasgow) will feature three guest speakers:

Jem Collins (Journo Resources)

Charis Papaevangelou (University of Toulouse/JOLT)

William Turvill (PressGazette/New Statesman)

After a short coffee reinforcement, during the second roundtable (11:30am-1:00pm) we will focus on the challenges and opportunities for online journalistic expression, from industry initiatives aimed at protecting journalists from online abuse to regulatory proposals aimed at safeguarding news content from the platforms’ content moderation enforcement. The discussion’s host Stefan Luca (CREATe, University of Glasgow) will be joined by the guest speakers:

Hannah Àjàlá (BBC World Service, We Are Black Journos)

Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana (IMPRESS)

Rebecca Whittington (Reach)

We would like to warmly invite everyone interested to join the discussion.

The registration to the event is now open and available via Eventbrite here.

Please keep in mind that this event is in-person only.