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Digital Disintermediation – Public Lecture by Dr Christian Peukert, 5 February 2020

Posted on    by Diane McGrattan
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Digital Disintermediation – Public Lecture by Dr Christian Peukert, 5 February 2020

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CREATe’s public lecture series continues tomorrow, with a lecture by Dr Christian Peukert :

Digital Disintermediation and Efficiency in the Market for Ideas

Wednesday 5 February 2020 17:30 – 19:00
The Humanities Lecture Theatre, The University of Glasgow

Dr Peukert will present a new study on Digital Disintermediation, using data on over 90,000 licence deals for books. Peukert’s research uses innovative empirical methods such as clickstream data, and data scraped from the web that will be of interest to a wide audience.

Abstract: Digital technology has allowed inventors to circumvent intermediaries, which affects licensing outcomes and efficiency in the market for ideas. We study these impacts theoretically and empirically, using data on over 90,000 license deals for books. Identification comes from quasi-experimental variation across product types over time. Consistent with digital self-publishing improving an author’s outside option, authors get more favorable license deals. In addition, ex-ante license fees reflect ex-post demand more accurately. This is consistent with additional entry generating more information. Such improvements can have large impacts on welfare in any markets in which product appeal is difficult to predict.

Christian Peukert is Assistant Professor for Information Systems at Católica-Lisbon and Senior Research Associate at the Center for Law and Economics at ETH Zurich. Christian is generally interested in questions related to how digital technologies affect firms, consumers and markets, especially from an innovation perspective. Before his academic career, Christian co-founded a record label that specialises in rap music.

All CREATe public lectures are free: book here.