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CREATe launches Art and Modern Copyright: The Contested Image

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CREATe launches Art and Modern Copyright: The Contested Image

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To launch the publication of her new book, Art and Modern Copyright: The Contested Image, CREATe’s Dr Elena Cooper gave a talk at the Victorian Picture Gallery, Royal Holloway, University of London on 5 December 2018. Dr Cooper illustrated central themes of her research – the first in-depth and longitudinal study of copyright protecting the visual arts – by drawing on the rich collection of nineteenth century paintings in the Gallery, focussing particularly on nineteenth century copyright debates concerning painters’ repetitions of their own work. The presentation provoked comments and questions from a broad interdisciplinary audience. A film, presented by Dr Cooper, using the paintings in the Gallery as a way into the history of copyright, will follow in 2019, produced by Exhibition on Screen.

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photographs by Susanna Brunetti.