New CREATe Working Paper: What is the Point of Copyright History?

In March 2015, CREATe hosted a two-day event about copyright history, which included a Symposium entitled What is the Point of Copyright History? The point of departure was the publication of Copyright at Common Law in 1774 by Prof. Tomas Gómez-Arostegui in 2014, in the Connecticut Law Review and as a CREATe Working Paper. A further CREATe Working Paper, edited by the event’s organisers, Dr. Elena Cooper and Prof. Ronan Deazley, has just been published. This provides a lasting record of the Symposium discussions, including an editorial introduction, written comments by the Symposium panellists (Prof. Howard Abrams, Prof. Oren Bracha, Prof. Lionel Bently, Prof. Mark Rose and Prof. Charlotte Waelde) and Prof. Gómez-Arostegui, as well as an edited transcript of the Symposium debate. The Working Paper is available for download at the following webpage, which also provides more information about the event.

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