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Shadow Rapporteurs: “the Rapporteur hasn’t been listening to us”


12 December 2018

Euroactiv reports that Shadow Rapporteurs have issued a letter to Copyright Directive Rapporteur, Axel Voss, expressing their frustration at the lack of progress on an agreed position in trilogue negotiations. In an interview with ALDE MEP Jean-Marie Cavada, they claim Voss has failed to adequately consult Shadow Rapporteurs on key articles (particularly articles 11 and 13), which are apparently not supported by the majority of Shadows in their current form.

The letter falls amidst an investigation by Corporate Europe Observatory into the lobbying battle over the Copyright Directive, which they find has been overwhelmingly dominated by media corporations (as opposed to the often cited “big tech”). The study further claims that the considerations of these media organisations have been to the exclusion of other key stakeholders, including civil society organisations, academics, and even the UN Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression.