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Live to Digital – Live events, streaming and business models

About this project

Lilian Edwards

Lead investigator(s):
Prof Lilian Edwards

Start Date: 1st January 2014
End Date: 31st December 2014


This project examined how institutions, often not “cultural” institutions as such, are involved in turning live events or performance into digital packages which generate value or enhance public interest, e.g. providing access to digital archives. The main aim of the project was to hold a multi-stakeholder workshop in conjunction with the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.

Project outputs include:

  • Designing Smart Cities: Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges – This conference focused on how contemporary urban life is increasingly marked and shaped by technology, and critically assessed what this means for existing societal norms and regulatory structures. A collection of videos from the conference has been made available along with links to a series of articles produced for Society for Computers and Law.
  • Society for Computers and Law Articles Series, Society for Computers and Law, 2015
  • Privacy in Smart Cities: A Critical EU Law Perspective, Amsterdam Privacy Law Scholars Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26th October 2015
  • Legal Aspects of Big Data, Strathclyde Future Cities Unit, Glasgow, UK
  • Project poster – Project activities have been summarised in this poster which was presented at the CREATe All Hands conference in September 2014.