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Archives, Digitisation and Copyright

About this project

Martin Kretschmer

Ian Anderson

Victoria Stobo

Lead investigator(s):
Prof Martin Kretschmer
Dr Ian Anderson
Ms Victoria Stobo

Start Date: 1st October 2013
End Date: 30th September 2016


Archives play a vital role in linking people with their communities and their heritage, and in shaping democracy, public policy, education, research, history, and culture. While the digital environment has posed many challenges to archives concerning the long-term preservation of records, it has also altered society’s expectations about access to those records. This project provided the first in-depth study of the role that copyright plays in shaping the behaviour of the UK’s archival institutions, while also developing policy recommendations to enable those institutions to make their archival collections available online within a simple, straightforward, and easily understood copyright regime. The first phase of the project will use the Wellcome Digital Library as a case study for assessing the pros and cons of adopting a risk based approach to copyright.

Project outputs include: