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Online Music in China

CREATe Working Paper 2019/04

Shen, XWilliams, RZheng, SLi, YLiu, YGerst, M


Nowadays Internet technology allows for music that can either be listened to via streaming or via download on a mobile device. Online music in this report refers to music distributed via Internet or mobile communication. Online music can be divided into two types: the first is music digitalized from traditional albums which is made by professional album companies, and; the second is music directly made in digital form and spread through the Internet. It needs to be pointed out that the majority of Internet music that is listened to is still music made by traditional album companies, and that is also what most websites provide to users. Thus, in this music part, these two types of music will be addressed. From the musicians’ side, the discussion is more about original Internet music; from the users’ side, unless pointed out otherwise, the user experience focusses on both types.

Download: Online Music in China