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SERCI Annual Congress 2023

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SERCI Annual Congress 2023

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The 2023 SERCI Annual Congress will be held in Bournemouth (UK) on 6-7 July 2023, under the local organisation of Professor Ruth Towse. The SERCI Invited Guest Lecture will be delivered by Professor Abhinay Muthoo (National Institute of Economic and Social Research). Alongside a great line-up of academics, members of the CREATe team will contribute to an academic discussion on copyright from an economic theory perspective:

  • CREATe Director, Professor Martin Kretschmer, will be presenting two successful projects led by the Centre, both of which champion the CREATe mission to provide robust evidence for copyright policymaking. Martin will discuss longitudinal data obtained from a series of CREATe reports on the earnings of primary creators, the most recent of which launched in 2022. These reports are a crucial part of the cornerstone policy issues captured in the Copyright Evidence portal, a digital resource which catalogues empirical evidence on how copyright works in society.
  • CREATe scholar, Dr Kenny Barr, along with CREATe Fellow in Cultural Economics Professor Ruth Towse, will present the paper: ‘A buyer’s market? The economics of buy-out contracts for musical composition’. This paper poses the consciously provocative question: ‘what is wrong with buy-out contracts?’ in the context of widespread and voluble objections to buy-out contracts in music commissions in the AV sector.  The paper first addresses the relationship between copyright and contract in the realm of musical composition, before unpacking the economic dimensions of a buy-out contract. Evidence from a recent study of composers’ contracts (Barr et al 2021) and the implications for composers’ earnings are then considered.

Below, is a provisional first draft of the program for the 2023 SERCI Annual Congress:

Programme SERCI 2023

There is no registration fee to attend this congress, but pre-registration is required.

More information about the event and registration details at: