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Glasgow Competition Talk by Professor Thomas Cheng – “Tying in the Age of Algorithms”

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Glasgow Competition Talk by Professor Thomas Cheng – “Tying in the Age of Algorithms”

By 20 May 2024July 2nd, 2024No Comments

We are delighted to host Professor Thomas Cheng, joining us in Glasgow all the way from Hong Kong. He will be talking about ‘Tying in the Age of Algorithms’.

Tying and bundling (the sale of two or more products together) is a common commercial practice – but it is one which when adopted by a powerful company may, under certain circumstances, be prohibited under the law.

Traditionally, tying often has to be implemented on a market-wide basis, which puts constraints on the dominant firm’s ability to impose a tie and shapes our analysis of the anticompetitive effects and possible pro-competitive justifications for a tie. With the advent of algorithms and the increasing possibility of personalized pricing, the practice of tying will change. We may need new ways to analyze a tie. This talk will explore the implications of personalized pricing for tying.

Thomas’ talk is of interest to anyone working on market regulation, competition law, algorithms, tech business models, economics, or just generally in the practices of tying or personalised pricing.

This event was held in-person, in Room 207, School of Law, No 10 Professors’ Square, on Monday, 20 May, 15:00-16:00.

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