CREATe launches CREATe Trade Marks Seminar with Dr Jennifer Davis (University of Cambridge) and Prof. Barton Beebe, Dr Roy Germano, Prof. Christopher Sprigman and Prof. Joel Steckel (NYU)

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CREATe launches CREATe Trade Marks Seminar with Dr Jennifer Davis (University of Cambridge) and Prof. Barton Beebe, Dr Roy Germano, Prof. Christopher Sprigman and Prof. Joel Steckel (NYU)

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CREATe launches, in spring 2022, a new on-line series: the CREATe Trade Marks Seminar.

The CREATe Trade Marks Seminar will comprise two on-line events about trade marks each term: one on a contemporary trade mark law topic, with a special interest in empirical approaches or other innovative research methods, and one on a trade marks history topic.

These two perspectives reflect current research interests in trade marks at CREATe. CREATe is expanding its research in contemporary trade mark law, including the use of new and innovative approaches and this complements CREATe’s empirical research in the field of copyright law, as a centre funded by the AHRC Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) and as the provider of key digital resources (

Trade marks history is also an important strand of CREATe research, forming part of a Leverhulme Trust funded project into the history of the criminal law in the domain of intellectual property, and this feeds into CREATe’s longstanding activities in copyright history and its provision of copyright history digital resources ( and Stationers’ Register Online).

Through the CREATe Trade Marks Seminar, we wish to connect with a diverse audience of scholars with interests in trade marks, transcending both jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries.

The first CREATe Trade Marks Seminar series will open this spring with a presentation by Dr Jennifer Davis of the University of Cambridge, ‘Trade Marks and Truth Telling: Sweated Labour and the Marking of Goods in Britain 1860-1920’, to take place online, Wednesday 25 May 2022, 10am to 11am UK time. Dr Davis will present her original research into the relation between labour and trade mark law in the nineteenth century, uncovering debates involving manufacturers, retailers, warehousemen, exporters, opponents of immigration and labour representatives. Her talk will be of interest not just to trade mark history scholars and contemporary trade mark lawyers, but also to legal historians generally, economic and business historians, as well as those interested in the history of brands.

The second CREATe Trade Marks Seminar will be on Wednesday 8 June 2022 at 5.30pm-6.30pm UK time, with an online presentation from Prof. Barton Beebe, Dr. Roy Germano, Prof. Christopher Jon Sprigman and Prof. Joel H. Steckel (all of NYU). Reflecting CREATe’s interest in empirical methods, this presentation will focus on the methodological aspects of the paper “The Role of Consumer Uncertainty in Trademark Law: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation”. This talk will appeal to trade mark lawyers, as well as scholars of all disciplines interested in empirical approaches to intellectual property.

Further details about these two talks, including full abstracts, will be posted online shortly.

The CREATe Trade Marks Seminar is open for attendance by academics worldwide of all disciplines. To attend these events and/or join the mailing list to be notified about future seminars please contact Diane McGrattan:

The CREATe Trade Marks Seminar is jointly convened by Dr Elena Cooper and Dr Xiaoren Wang. To propose a paper for a future event, please contact Dr Cooper as regards trade marks history ( and Dr Wang for contemporary trade marks (