Expert Views

Experts, drawing upon on a wide range of fitting perspectives, such as ‘transmedia’, digital innovation, copyright law, internet regulation, research policy and funding, support for creative industries, and, media economics, reflect upon the case studies as well as the engagement with CREATe themes of research.

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By taking part in the panel, experts were able to highlight key things that mattered most to them so as to enable CREATe to crystallize some of the emergent agendas and issues for further development of CREATe’s work programmes.

Some of the key areas they are addressed:

1. What brought them to the debate given their current work.
2. What was the single biggest agenda or issue for them right now and why.
3. What is the single biggest agenda or issue that they would identify for five years hence.
4. How they saw their various interests connecting with CREATe and what you would like CREATe to do in connecting with them and their wider constituencies.


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