Engaging Users, Gathering Ideas, &, Informing Research

A key aspect of the CREATe work programme is the ability to engage with users, gather ideas and inform its research. On 1st Feb, at the CREATe launch working conference, a major step in this direction was taken by inviting academic, industry, public sector, international and civil society partners and wider community stakeholders to meet, greet, network and discuss the CREATe research themes. Each session, attended by groups of 40 people each, was arranged around CREATe’s major research themes:

tile_Creators_and_Creative_Practices tile-good-bad-emergent tile_Policy_and_Lawmaking_for_the_Digital_Age tile_User_Creation_User_Behaviour_and_Human_Rights

Eight such sessions (2 x each theme) were moderated with the moderators reporting on the following questions from each session:

  • What did the particular theme contribute to CREATe’s goals?
  • What did they want to have discovered, proved, disproved or made in this theme by 2016?
  • What were the crucial connections between our work packages within the theme, and between this theme and other themes?
  • What new work did they see as evolving or being commissioned within this theme?
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