Contextualising New Business Models

Only 20 years ago, copyright law did not touch most of our lives. Reading, listening or searching was well beyond the law’s reach. Today searching, reading, and listening takes place in a digital world, and copying is involved at every stage. If you briefly pause to reflect on your day on the internet, on your laptop, or your smart phone, it is quite likely that you infringed copyright law, barely blinking with your eyes.

So how is creative production to take place in this brave new world of digital natives?

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This resource is a digital curation of a one-day working conference held on 1st February 2013 in The Lighthouse Glasgow, to mark the launch of CREATe, RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy. The conference, attended physically by 200 academics, creators and creative industry representatives, and more than 600 attendees through digital means, examined case studies of transition from analogue to digital (such as music and publishing) in contrast with cases in ‘born digital’ sectors (such as games or social media).

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