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Human Rights and Public Interest

About this project

Emily Laidlaw

Daithi Mac Sithigh

Yin Harn Lee

Lead investigator(s):
– Dr Emily Laidlaw
– Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh
– Ms Yin Harn Lee

Start Date: 1st October 2012
End Date: 30th September 2015


What does freedom of expression mean in the context of copyright, and how does this inform the understanding of other human rights in the context of copyright? This project explored the relationship between freedom of expression and copyright, including changes over time and depending on business models. It also considered access to information and access to the Internet as possible rights alongside other recognised rights e.g. fair trial and privacy. The goal was to identify what role freedom of expression should have in facilitating new business models, and whether there is a need for a public interest exception rooted in human rights principles.

Project outputs include: