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Career Pathways and IP Issues in Digital Fashion: London, Berlin and Milan

About this project
Angela McRobbie

Carolina Bandinelli

Daniel Strutt

Lead investigator(s):
Prof Angela McRobbie
– Ms Carolina Bandinelli
– Dr Daniel Strutt

Start Date: 1st August 2015
End Date: 31st July 2016


This project looked at young people’s working lives and experience of ‘creative labour’ in fashion. There were two inter-related research questions. First, what impact has the growth of digital commerce and online sales in the fashion sector had for developing new forms of ‘fashion-technology’ job creation,especially for young people, in the context of European-wide economic recession? And second, how does this new e-commercial sphere impact on the design rights and protection of copyright and IP for both the large companies and for small ‘independents’ or micro-fashion designers? The project team looked at working conditions, social relations, and the protection of originality, and IP as an embedded aspect of fashion and fashion-related design practice and attempted to establish how digital and online fashion impacts on questions of copyright and IP. This project is closely reated to Fashion IP: From start-up to catwalk: A Four City Investigation

Project outputs include: