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Open Publishing

About this project
Estelle Derclaye

Martin Kretschmer

Giancarlo Frosio

Ken Wilson

Lead investigator(s):
Prof Estelle Derclaye
Prof Martin Kretschmer
– Mr Giancarlo Frosio
Mr Ken Wilson

Start Date: 1st January 2013
End Date: 30th September 2016


This project examined the current trends, advantages, disadvantages, problems and solutions, opportunities and barriers in open publishing, and in particular open academic publishing. It may prove influential in shaping the development of open publishing within the UK and abroad.

Project outputs include:

  • Open Access Publishing Resource – links to slides, videos and blogs from the Open Access Publisher Stakeholders Event, February 3 2014
  • Open Access Publishing: A Literature Review, CREATe Working Paper 2014/1, 2014 – This study intended to scope and evaluate current theory and practice concerning models for OAP and engage with intellectual, legal and economic perspectives on Open Access Publishing. It also aimed at mapping the field of academic publishing in the UK and abroad, drawing specifically upon the experiences of CREATe industry partners as well as other initiatives such as SSRN, open source software, and Creative Commons.