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“CCTV sniffing”: Copyright and Data Protection Implications

cover-wp2CREATe Working Paper No. 2

Smita Kheria, Daithi Mac Sithigh, Judith Rauhofer, Burkhard Schafer

A modified version of this paper was published as (Mis)appropriation Art? : Copyright and Data Protection implications of ‘CCTV Sniffing’ as Art. / Kheria, Smita; Mac Sithigh, Daithi; Rauhofer, Judith; Schafer, Burkhard. Abstraktion und Applikation. ed. / E Schweighofer; F Kummer; W Hötzendorfer. OCG, 2013. p. 489-98.

This paper discusses the legal implications of CCTV sniffing and war walking, legally problematic uses of wireless networks, for the purpose of art. Using Bitnik’s “surveillance chess” as starting point, it asks if new forms of computer enabled art require new forms of protection, especially in countries without constitutional guarantee of freedom of art.

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Data Protection Implications