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Five CREATe PhD Scholarships Available at the University of Glasgow

Posted on    by Andrew McHugh

Five CREATe PhD Scholarships Available at the University of Glasgow

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Applications are invited for five PhD Scholarships being offered by CREATe at the University of Glasgow. CREATe is the RCUK research centre for copyright and new business models in the creative economy. With an ambitious programme of 40 projects delivered by an interdisciplinary team of academics (law, economics, management, computer science, sociology, psychology, ethnography and critical studies), CREATe is a pioneering academic initiative designed to help the UK cultural and creative industries thrive and become innovation leaders within the global digital economy.

Two of these Scholarships are open to candidates with research initiatives that complement the research activity, aims and objectives of CREATe. The remaining three Scholarships are explicitly linked to existing projects within CREATe’s current research programme.

For further details of CREATe’s full research programme click here.

CREATe Research Scholarships (2 posts) [Ref: WP8XX]
Proposals for research that complement the work and aims of CREATe are welcomed.

Archives, Digitisation and Copyright (1 post) [Ref: WP1B2]
This project will provide the first in-depth study of the role that copyright plays in shaping the behaviour of the UK’s archival institutions, while also developing policy recommendations to enable those institutions to make their archival collections available online within a simple, straightforward, and easily understood copyright regime.

New Business Models for Cultural Institutions (1 post) [Ref: WP1B3]
Working closely with the National Library of Scotland, this project considers how cultural heritage institutions within the public sector have responded to the increasing need to engage in commercialisation activities during a time of economic recession.

Assessing the IP Small Claims Track (1 post) [Ref: WP3D2]
On 1 October 2012, the UK government created a new procedure for dealing with low value Intellectual Property claims in the Patents County Court (PCC): the IP Small Claims Track. This project provides a critical assessment of the first three years of that initiative, with a particular emphasis on its importance to, and uptake by, the cultural and creative industries.

For details of all these opportunities, and information on how to apply, click here.