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Next plenary vote on the Directive scheduled for 12 September 2018

12 September
5 September is the deadline for tabling plenary amendments. Votes will take place on September 12.  It will be a regular first reading procedure: amendments can be tabled by the JURI committee, the IMCO committee (on Article 13, where it has shared competence), any political group or any group of 38 MEPs.  It is possible to table an amendment to reject the draft legislative act, which would be voted first. If that is rejected, the vote will be on amendments to the JURI report, and finally on the Commission proposal as amended. If this final vote is adopted (in whatever form), there is a mandate for the rapporteur to start trialogue with Council and Commission. Guidance on how the amendments work is given in the 6 September entry to this time line and in the academic statement of 10 September.