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Raghu Garud’s visit 13th and 14th June

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Raghu Garud’s visit 13th and 14th June

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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming visit by Professor Raghu Garud on 13th and 14th June 2016. Raghu is the Alvin H. Clemens Professor of Management & Organization and Research Director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Smeal Business School, Pennsylvania State University. The visit, jointly hosted by Luciana D’Adderio (SBS, HCE) and Anup Nair (Engineering, DMEM), is co-sponsored by Strathclyde’s Global Engagement Fund and the CREATe work package ‘The emergence of business models in the 3D printing industries’ led by Luciana D’Adderio in collaboration with Jonathan Corney (Strathclyde, DMEM), Lilian Edwards (Strathclyde, Law) and Robin Williams (Edinburgh, STIS).

As part of his visit, Raghu will deliver a workshop and a lecture as follows:

Workshop: Monday, 13th June 2016, 11:30am-12:45pm, SBS/SW106 Publication Journeys with Prof Raghu Garud: Insights into the editorial process of two publications

In this workshop Prof Garud will talk through the editorial process of his two recent publications – “Justification and interlaced knowledge at ATLAS, CERN” which he co-authored with Phillip Tuertscher and Arun Kumaraswamy and appeared in Organization Science in 2014 and “The disruptor’s dilemma: TiVo and the US television ecosystem” a paper he co-authored with Shaz Ansari and Arun Kumaraswamy and was published in the Strategic Management Journal in 2015.

This event provides PhD students and faculty an opportunity to put their pressing questions about publishing in leading international business and management journals to Prof Garud. To book your place, please register with Olivia Pires, Registration for the workshop is free but the number of places is limited and applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. For further details, please contact Dr Anup Karath Nair (

Keynote Lecture: Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 15:30-17:00pm, Venue: SBS/ CW408 Managing in the age of disruption by Prof Raghu Garud

It is hard to deny that we are living in an age of disruption, defined vernacularly as fundamental changes that disturb or re-order the ways in which organizations and ecosystems operate. The 21st century has seen the advent of continual disruption, as incessant technological advances and changes lead to disruption of not just individual firms but entire industries and ecosystems through a process of cumulative synthesis (Usher, 1954). Disruption however is not a one shot deal or “a carefully planned forward march”, but rather a process (Christensen, 2006; Christensen and Raynor 2003), posing dilemmas for both incumbents and new entrants (Ansari, Garud and Kumaraswamy, 2015). Incumbents may want to ride the wave of creative destruction, and yet are reluctant to relinquish the basis for their existing competitive advantage (e.g., Christensen, 2006; Kapoor and Klueter, 2014). New entrants also confront the dilemma of gaining support of the very incumbent firms that stand to be “disrupted” by entrants’ innovations (Ansari et al., 2015; Faems et al., 2012). Consequently, a key objective of this lecture is to take stock of extant research and emerging practice on this topic. The keynote lecture (open to all, no need for registration).