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What do comics, public domain works and alternative scholarly communications have in common?

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What do comics, public domain works and alternative scholarly communications have in common?

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CREATe is presenting, Thursday 10th – Saturday 12th October 2013, a weekend of ‘public domain’ focused research events and seminars aimed at generating discussion on the relationship between copyright law and norms of communication. While research councils promote open access publishing strategies, journal articles have remained the typical unit of dissemination, prescribed by periodic research assessments and academic career progression.  Digital innovation, if taken seriously, may open more permeable, iterative forms of scholarly and commercial communication.

Thursday 10th October 1730 – 2030

deazley inaugural_flyer

Inaugural Public Lecture: ‘Writing about Comics and Copyright’ delivered by Prof. Ronan Deazley and organized by the School of Law.




Friday 11th October 0900 – 1300

Conference: ‘Research perspectives on the Public Domain’ led by Dr Kristofer Erickson

A concept that bridges Intellectual property law, cultural studies, economics, literature and genre studies, the public domain encompasses the massive body of cultural ideas and artistic works that are outside of copyright and normally available for creative uptake by new users. Controversial issues in urgent need of research include the effect of copyright term extension on creative production, the availability and use of ‘orphan’ works, the legal status of adaptation and user-generated content and economic decision-making by authors and audiences around the uptake of public domain materials.

Panelists include Leonhard Dobusch (Freie Universität Berlin), Graham Greenleaf (University of New South Wales), Paul Heald (University of Illinois), Fabian Homberg (Bournemouth University), Martin Kretschmer (CREATe), Dinusha Mendis (Bournemouth University), Roberta Pearson (Nottingham University), Mira T. Sundara Rajan (University of Glagsow CREATe), Nicola Searle (Intellectual Property Office), and Iain Robert Smith (Roehampton University).

Details and registration here.

Friday 11th October 1400 – 1600

Invited Roundtable: ‘Research Design of Public Domain Empirical Studies’, curated by Dr. Kris Erickson

An opportunity for invited participants to share research and collaborate on empirical research design to address public domain related research questions. This invitation only event is being co-ordinated directly by Dr Kris Erickson.

Saturday 12th October 1100 – 1400

Invited Roundtable: ‘Open access, peer review and scholarly communication: Taking digital innovation seriously‘, curated by Prof. Martin Kretschmer

academic_videoCREATe takes ‘digital’ seriously. In the recent past CREATe academics have experimented with new forms of research communication. What do these new digital formats mean for authorship, authenticity and preservation? For reception and impact? How do we peer review non-orthodox academic research? For academic career progression? How do they link to the ‘open data’ movement?

The aim of this roundtable is to develop a position paper in the context of the UK academic funding landscape. Does non-orthodox academic activity matter?