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Letter issued from six German CDU/CSU MPs to EPP colleagues in European Parliament


4 July 2018

A letter has been issued by six high-ranking German CDU/CSU MP’s, asking their conservative colleagues to vote against the proposed copyright reform on 5 July (via @JanoschDelcker). The signatories include Dorothee Bar (Germany’s State Minister for Digitisation); Nadine Schon (deputy parliamentary group leader); Peter Tauber (deputy defence minister); Thomas Jarzombek (coordinator of aerospace policy), and; Tankred Schipanski and Maik Beerman (members of the digital agenda committee). The letter provides arguments against articles 11 and 13, concluding that “the measures to be voted on tomorrow would be a major setback”; instead, the signatories urge that measures should be taken to improve conditions for European start-ups, and freedom of expression for press publishers.