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Journalists sign open letters in support of Copyright Directive


27 August 2018

Two open letters in support of the introduction of a press publisher’s right (as proposed in article 11 of the Copyright Directive) have been published by journalists.

More than 100 journalists across 20 countries have signed an open letter, organised by Sammy Ketz, AFP journalist. Highlighting the lack of funding for journalists and reporters, the letter makes several references to the democratic function of journalism, and the need for funding for more “on the ground” reporters. Furthermore, the letter claims that MEPs have been misled by “deceptive lobbying” and “lies” by internet platforms such as Google and Facebook. The open letter is accompanied by a promotional video, available here.

A further open letter has been signed by six European journalism and media organisations which also supports the current wording of article 11. The letter claims that the introduction of a new neighbouring right will “facilitate a thriving press ecosystem, with fair pay for journalists, including photographers and freelances, and will safeguard the quality of content”. Echoing the open letter above, the letter also notes “misleading claims and hostile and intimidating campaigns” by those who oppose the introduction of the new right.