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Explorathon 2016 @ the Glasgow Science Centre


Come and join us at the Explorathon 2016 taking place the 30th of September at the Science Centre in Glasgow from 6pm to 11pm.

Amongst many other interesting projects, our Data Analyst at CREATe Jesus Rodriguez will be showcasing two prototype tools, namely OMeBa and IPWatchr, which have been built to gather and make sense of evidence, but most importantly to show what it is possible in terms of technology when informing policy making.

OMeBa is a tool that exposes the Online Copyright Infringement Tracker datasets through an exploration interface, that allows the combining and visualisation of data related to Online media consumption.




IPWatchr  tracks a set of accounts on Twitter and Facebook which openly share links to copyrighted material. Additionally gathers download information from torrent trackers associated to each of the shared products.




For more information and the full event programme visit: