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Copyright Directive final vote: Tuesday 26 March


14 March 2019

A joint statement has been released by over 250 creative and cultural organisations, including IMPALA, PRS for Music and the Federation of European Publishers. The short statement calls on European legislators to adopt the Copyright Directive, dubbing it “long sought to create a much-needed level playing field for all actors of the creative sector” that is “fair and sustainable for all”.

This follows a similar open letter from approx. 350 European creators also reiterating the need for “mutual respect” in the digital environment in order to sustain and promote authors’ rights. Urging MEPs to “say yes” at the plenary vote this month, the letter states that “we cannot afford to wait another decade for copyright legislation to be adapted to the digital environment”.

Other supporters of the Directive include BASCA, who also issued a letter this week imploring MEPs to recognise that “the future of European Culture is in your hands”, and disparaging claims that this may jeopardise certain user freedoms:

“Our human right, to benefit from “the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which [we are] the author”, is being disingenuously conflated into a pitched battle for the soul of “freedom”. This is a false prospectus.”