CREATe Symposium 2019: Glasgow, 8-10th October

CREATe, the UK Copyright & Creative Economy Centre based at the University of Glasgow, recently has started work on a number of ambitious projects that will occupy us for the next five years.

These are funded by the AHRC (as part of the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre), the Leverhulme Trust, and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

So it seems like a timely moment to explore some of the intellectual themes that link these projects, to introduce new colleagues who recently have joined CREATe, and seek connections with the wider academic and policy environment.

While we have conceived this 2019 Symposium as work-in-progress, we are committed to an interdisciplinary and long-term perspective. In these uncertain times, we need to look both backward (where do we come from?) and forward (where might we go?).

All the events are free and we hope you will be able to attend some. They include a BLACA lecture by CREATe’s Elena Cooper on Portrait of Lady Eden by Whistler (subject of a famous Paris court case in 1897, and held in the University of Glasgow’ s Hunterian collection); and a policy keynote by Catherine Stihler, CEO of the Open Knowledge Foundation (and until 2019 a Member of the European Parliament for 20 years). Come and join us in shaping the next phase of CREATe!

Professor Martin Kretschmer (Director)
Professor Philip Schlesinger (Deputy Director)
Dr Marta Iljadica; Dr Thomas Margoni (Co-Directors)
and all the CREATe team

Draft programme
Glasgow - Tuesday 8 October 2019

12:00 – 13:30
Location: CREATe, 10 Professors’ Square (various rooms)

Emerging researchers workshop

Join CREATe PhD students and postdoctoral researchers as they present their research via quickfire presentations, posters and informal discussion.

Co-ordinator: Amy Thomas (CREATe)

Contributors (tbc): Kenny Barr, Janet Burgess, Ula Furgal, Jie Liu, Bartolomeo Meletti, Jaakko Miettinen, Luis Porangaba, Methinee Suwannakit, Amy Thomas, Jiarong Zhang

If you are interested in attending the workshop please contact Amy Thomas (

14:00 – 16:00
Location: Arts Meeting Room (6 University Gardens)
AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC) Management Board (closed meeting)

For more information on the PEC and CREATe’s workstream on intellectual property, business models, access to finance, and content regulations, see:

Parallel session:
14:00 – 16:00
Location: Room 207, 10 Professors’ Square

Art, News and Markets: Copyright History and its Contemporary Echoes

This copyright history roundtable brings together interdisciplinary perspectives from law and the humanities to explore current research on, and the convergences and divergences between, debates concerning the legal regulation of art, news and markets in the nineteenth century and their continuing relevance to policy debates.

Chair: Dr Marta Iljadica (CREATe)

Speakers: Dr Elena Cooper (CREATe), Assoc. Prof. Will Slauter (Université Paris Diderot), Prof. Lindsay Farmer (University of Glasgow)
Discussant: Dr Anat Rosenberg (University of Cambridge)

If you are interested in attending the roundtable, please contact Marta Iljadica (

17:15 – 18:45
Location: Hunterian Art Gallery

British Literary & Artistic Copyright Association and CREATe lecture – ‘Whistler, Faed and Painting Copyright in the Nineteenth Century’

Speaker: Dr Elena Cooper (CREATe)

Welcome by Prof. Jane Mair (Head of School of Law, University of Glasgow) and Prof. Alison Firth (BLACA, tbc)

Until recently, copyright history has overwhelmingly concerned literary copyright protecting books. Drawing on her recent monograph, Art and Modern Copyright: The Contested Image (CUP, 2018), the first in-depth and longitudinal account of copyright as it applies to the visual arts, Dr Cooper will explore a number of ways in which nineteenth century copyright applying to painting was understood to be different. In doing so, and to celebrate the fact that this is the first BLACA event in Scotland for some years, Dr Cooper will connect UK copyright history to two paintings with links to Scotland: Brown and Gold: Portrait of Lady Eden by James McNeil Whistler (1834-1903) and Home and the Homeless by Thomas Faed (1826-1900).

We are delighted to announce that the first picture – Portrait of Lady Eden by Whistler (the subject of Eden v Whistler, Cour d’appel de Paris, 1897) – will be brought out of store and displayed in the Hunterian Art Gallery especially for this talk. We understand that this is the first occasion on which this painting has been publicly displayed since the late nineteenth century.

Sign up! Details are coming soon.

Glasgow - Wednesday 9 October 2019

14:00 – 16:00
Location: Room 207, 10 Professors’ Square
Copyright Evidence Wiki Editorial Board (by invitation only)

The Copyright Evidence Wiki aims to construct a complete catalogue of existing empirical evidence relevant to copyright policy. Currently more than 700 studies are coded by categories such as country, industry, funder and research method, offering an in-depth view of existing findings. The Evidence Wiki forms a central part of CREATe’s work within the AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre. The board will be considering how to increase the usefulness of the assembled evidence for policy makers and the creative industries. For further information about the resource, see

We are considering a public dimension to the board’s discussion. If you are interested in participating, please contact Prof. Martin Kretschmer (chair); or Assoc. Prof. Kristofer Erickson (co-chair), University of Leeds (

17:00 – 19:00

Location: Humanities Lecture Theatre, Main Building

Public lecture – Catherine Stihler: Reflections on the Making of EU Copyright Law

The first CREATe public lecture of 2019/2020 will be given by Catherine Stihler, CEO of the Open Knowledge Foundation. She was a Member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2019. As an MEP, her roles included Vice-Chair of the Internal Market Committee, and Rapporteur for Article 13 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM) Directive (now Article 17).

For further information about the DSM Directive, including two of Catherine Stihler’s speeches, see CREATe’s resource page at:

Chair: Prof. Martin Kretschmer (CREATe)

Academic responses: Prof. Lionel Bently (tbc, University of Cambridge), Prof. Giorgio Fazio (Newcastle University, PEC Management Board Member), Assoc. Prof. Rebecca Giblin (Monash University; head designate, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia IPRIA, University of Melbourne)

The public lecture will be preceded by the launch of CREATe/PEC Digital Resources (Bartolomeo Meletti) 17:15-17:30

Within the AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC), CREATe is developing digital and open data tools that consolidate and synthesise existing evidence relating to the effects of IP rights on creative production and consumption, changes in business models, and the emerging data economy (including platform and content regulation). The public lecture will be preceded by the launch of the beta version of the following digital resources: i) OMeBa, an innovative data tool enabling insights into online media behaviour; and ii) The Copyright Evidence Portal, an authoritative and accessible gateway to all available evidence in the field of copyright, including empirical studies and sources of data.

Sign up! Details are coming soon.

Related events:

As part of CREATe’s Open Science research priority, we are planning to coordinate a workshop on “Information and data property” (Chair: Dr Thomas Margoni).

This workshop will explore the complex issues arising out of the nature of information: Is information property? How ought it to be regulated? CREATe’s Open Science resource page can be found here:

If you are interested in contributing to the workshop, please contact Dr Thomas Margoni (

On 23 September, 10:00–14:00, we are hosting a Creative Industries roundtable on behalf of the People’s Palace Projects and the AHRC Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre.

Chair: Prof. Philip Schlesinger (CCPR & CREATe)

Location: The Lighthouse (central Glasgow)

Professors Leandro Valiati and Paul Heritage are collaborating on a series of joint research seminars on the topic of “Policy for the Creative Industries: Challenges for the 21st century“. This event is the first of three seminars run across the UK. These will explore perceptions of the relevance and alignment (or misalignment) of creative industries policies with national, regional and local realities. These seminars will then be followed by a larger event in London.

If you are interested in attending the roundtable, please contact Prof. Philip Schlesinger via Diane McGrattan (