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MA in Media, Culture and Society

UEA-smallThis MA offered by the University of East Anglia provides students with an opportunity to study contemporary media from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The distinctive approach is best revealed in the compulsory module which brings together key aspects of modern media. It looks at the role of media in global citizenship, at media law and economics, and at different media systems. This module provides a foundation to explore in more detail a number of related issues on the rest of the course.

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MA Media Economics

UEA-smallUniversity of East Anglia’s MA Media Economics degree is designed to attract students who have previously studied film, literature or media-based subjects at undergraduate level who want to develop their analytical skills to understand the economic and political context of the industries in which they seek to pursue their careers.

The programme would also be suitable for economics graduates who are seeking to pursue a career path from a business aspect of the media, for example, as an account executive in advertising; or finance and management positions in broadcasting and publishing etc, to develop a sound understanding of the media environment.

This Masters is taught in collaboration with the University’s School of Political, Social and International Studies, which, together with the School of Economics, promotes a strong tradition in interdisciplinary research and teaching.

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