CopyrightX:CREATe alumni (2019)

CopyrightX is an intensive twelve-week networked course that has been offered annually since 2013 under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardX distance-learning initiative and the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society. As explained in more detail on the course website, the CopyrightX community has three components:

  • a residential course on Copyright Law, taught by Prof. William Fisher to approximately 100 Harvard Law School students;
  • an online course divided into sections of 25 students, each section taught by a Harvard Teaching Fellow;
  • a set of affiliated courses associated with universities and other institutions outside the United States, each taught by an expert in copyright law.

As part of the affiliate course network, CopyrightX:CREATe (coordinated by Prof. Thomas Margoni and Amy Thomas) joins around 20 renowned international institutions across the globe in delivering a dedicated affiliate course to their own students.


Thomas Margoni

Amy Thomas

Ula Furgal

How students can apply

CopyrightX:CREATe is offered by the University of Glasgow School of Law and CREATe to selected students of the LLM Programme in Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy. At the moment, the course is not available to external applicants (if you are interested please consider applying for the online course, more info here). Details on how to enrol in the course will be offered to IP LLM students during the first semester. Taking Copyright in the Digital Environment is normally a prerequisite for admission. Within the IP LLM Programme at Glasgow University, CopyrightX:CREATe is classified as an extra-curricular and non credit-awarding activity.


CopyrightX:CREATe is intended as an advanced course in US and comparative copyright law reserved for Glasgow IP LLM students who have previously taken the main copyright course (Copyright in the Digital Environment). As such, CopyrightX:Glasgow will closely follow the main syllabus for the Online Sections with the addition of selected background readings.

Additional information

CopyrightX Summit 2017

Report written by Dr Thomas Margoni.

The second CopyrightX Summit took place between 15th and 17th of May and was hosted by Harvard Law School and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society in the beautiful Wasserstein Hall building of the Harvard Law School. During three full days of discussions and presentations, more than 30 CopyrightX teaching fellows from six continents (not Antarctica, yet!) had the occasion to interact in person and to exchange their experience of teaching the CopyrightX course. Read more…

CopyrightX 2019: Reflections

Report written by Dr Thomas Margoni and Amy Thomas.

This year’s group of enthusiastic LLM students engaged in lively discussions on copyright law, theory and practice in weekly meetings. Hailing from a variety of international backgrounds, students also provided interesting insights from their own jurisdictions, allowing them to compare, contrast and better assess the global copyright landscape. These efforts culminated in a group project examining the right of Communication to the Public, where students presented their own research and posed several important questions: how should we interpret the ambiguous definition of “public”? What is the relationship between the knowledge criteria and direct or indirect liability? What are the implications of the BGH Thumbnail III decision? Read more…

CopyrightX 2019: Student Perspective

Report written by Jie Liu, PhD Candidate in Intellectual Property at the University of Glasgow.

The CopyrightX:Glasgow affiliate course at the University of Glasgow offers an opportunity to assess US copyright law through a curriculum created and administred by some of the world’s most highly regarded copyright scholars. The course covers a broad range of topics and aims to explore current copyright law and policy, as well as the impact of copyright on culture and the entertainment industry. Read more…

CopyrightX 2020: Student Perspective

Report written by Daria Sassarini and Meadow Lees, CopyrightX and LLM in Intellectual Property & The Digital Economy alumni.

Unlike the teaching methods students are particularly familiar with, the twelve-week affiliate course offers an unequalled experience through a combination of recorded lectures by Professor William Fisher, alongside assigned readings which are then discussed amongst participating students at weekly seminars. Read more…

Lessons from CopyrightX: The Top 3 Differences Between EU and US Copyright Law

Report written by Wannika Maithi and Anthony Rosborough, CopyrightX and LLM in the Intellectual Property & The Digital Economy alumni.

The substantive material taught in CopyrightX stands in contrast to the EU copyright law that we have been learning as part of the Intellectual Property & The Digital Economy Programme. Throughout our experience in CopyrightX, we took note of a number of differences between the US approach to copyright law and that of the European Union and its member states, including the United Kingdom. Read more…